Code of Conduct


A strict code of conduct will be followed at the School to stimulate a productive learning environment and to promote responsible citizenship. Systems of rewards and consequences will be implemented by highly qualified classroom teachers and followed according to the code of conduct measures outlined by the Sponsor.
Discipline measures will be fair and consistent, utilizing best practice techniques that promote student ownership of behavior. Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their actions so that they may learn from their mistakes.

The School commits to rewarding the efforts of its students, including positive reinforcement for students demonstrating exemplary behavior and conduct. Victory Charter Schools will follow the student code of conduct approved by the governing School District of the county, found at:

Victory Charter Schools is proud to support and enforce a Zero tolerance policy for bullying and fighting. All students and staff members abide by THE CODE.

Take learning seriously
Honor everyone and everything
Encourage one another
Come to class prepared
Own your actions
Do the right thing
Expect to be Excellent